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Ringmaster Fibre Optics provides Fibre Optic and copper network infrastructures to medium and large enterprises. We specialize in the design and implementation of outcomes-focused solutions and in doing so we include all aspects relating to people, processes and technology. We have agreements with several best of breed technology companies, and deliver our services using current best practice as it applies to our industry.

Ringmaster Fibre Optics has been formed specifically to address a deeply ingrained malaise within the Network Industry, being a profound lack of professionalism. This is characterized by bad planning, bad implementation and bad servicing.

This may seem overly simplistic, but in almost every implementation within our industry that we have seen, most (if not all) of these objectives have been neglected. The founding members of Ringmaster Fibre Optics come from professional engineering backgrounds, uniquely qualifying us and enabling us to ensure service delivery based upon sound systems engineering principles.


At Ringmaster Fibre Optics we believe that our success depends on establishing long term relationships and generating annuity income based upon repeat business. This is only achievable if we are able to deliver exceptional quality service in the long term. This is fundamental to our strategy.

In support of these principles we have invested a significant amount in purchasing new equipment, staff, and vehicles to uphold our service delivery standards.


Best of breed equipment is used in our patch panels and field termination panels which can be custom built to suit the specific installation. All splicing is carried out in clean conditions to provide the best results.

Reputable suppliers are used for pre-manufactured equipment used in our Fibre Optic installations.


- We provide a complete turnkey service.

- We are cash positive.

- We have extensive technical experience and understand our client's needs.

- We are cost effective.

- We are fanatical about service delivery.

- Our directors are personally involved in site operations.

- We are fanatical about our reputation and neatness.

- Quality policies


Ringmaster Fibre Optics take pride in having developed, documented, and implemented a set of installation and maintenance standards and procedures that ensure our service delivery represents industry best practice.

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