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Maintenance & Service Level Agreements

Maintenance of projects forms a large part of Ringmaster’s offering with a standard one-year warranty in place for all clients. Thereafter, a service level agreement is compiled for a further period of time and generally entails quarterly checking and servicing of all installed equipment. As a result of the success of this element of the company’s portfolio, the service division is currently in a growth phase. 

Benefits of Maintenance Plans

Preventative Maintenance Benefits

Quarterly visits ensure a significantly reduced failure rate

Software is regularly updated

A Dedicated account manager keeps you  updated on maintenance activities & work carried out 

Equipment is checked regularly, a requirement from the manufacturers & legislation where smoke detection systems are concerned.

Available 24/7

Our Technicians are available 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

Our response is Within 8-12 hours, following a service call placed by our clients. An authorized person must place the call.

Includes 2 free callouts per month. 

Instant Loaner Eliminate Downtime

We ensure your system will have as little "downtime" as possible. No need to wait for repairs to be carried out . We have a pool of loan equipment ready for our SLA Clients. 

Repairs and Services

We repair equipment when necessary at our premises in Randparkridge Johannesburg, whilst our clients enjoy the benefits of a loaner unit.

We are committed to a resolution within 24 hours

Items not covered include UPS'S, batteries, media convertors, power supplies, controllers, damaged cabling, damage caused by misuse or abuse, accident, disaster, flood, fire, water, wind lightning and "  Acts of God"

Turnkey Security Solutions

We specialize

in the following

Safety and Security



Access Control

Audio Evacuations & PA Systems


Electric Fencing

Identification Card Printing

Fibre Optics


Smoke  Detection Systems

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