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 Whether you would like to capture data of birds and wildlife behaviour within a designated perimeter, reduce shrinkage in your retail store or planning on building an industrial park,  our technologically advanced CCTV Camera's we install & integrate will meet your unique needs and requirements. 

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We Specify & install CCTV Cameras for a wide range of applications...
even birdwatching!

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How CCTV supports wildlife conservation

In recent years,  Ringmaster Security has successfully completed a large number of renewable energy projects in Africa.  Our clients are committed to ensuring that the environment,  wildlife & bird populations are not affected or harmed in any way by wind farms. We understand the need to achieve " a green  " result, which is why we make it our business to stay informed about the latest CCTV  technology available to support conservation initiatives within these spaces.

CCTV Cameras are not only installed on wind farms for security & surveillance of people & assets. At Bio Therm Energy's Excelsior Wind farm, collaboration is taking place, with conservation to preserve local bird populations. The 33-MW Excelsior Wind farm is constructed on 2,300 hectares in Swellendam, an area known as one of the largest agricultural-producing areas in the country and home to many species of birds. To avoid losses, the on-site mitigation program includes an industry-first implementation of an

To observer-led Shut Down on Demand (SDOD) system for priority species. The program not only studies how to mitigate the potential impact of the wind farm on birds but also aims to grow priority species, including Cape vulture, black harrier, Verreaux’s  eagle and martial eagle. The SDOD system is implemented through notification by a team of bird monitors stationed in the wind farm’s on-site operations room, where individual wind turbines are switched off when the priority species is in the vicinity and switched on again once the bird has passed by.

“This direct mitigation through shutdowns has resulted in zero loss of priority species to date, meaning that we can proudly say that there have been no turbine collision fatalities so far, and we expect the same into the future,” said Libby Hirshon,  BioTherm Energy’s sustainability director..






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Can reduce 


costs @ wind farms


Grueling operating environment and high human costs.

 A wind turbine’s transmission system is composed of blades,

hubs, main shafts, gear boxes and couplings. Its main function

 is to convert the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical

 energy of rotation, then into electrical energy. As the key

element in wind power, these wind turbines require

routine maintenance. 

Maintenance Costs Reduced

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